1. Initial manager's capital: 1000 USD.
2. Minimum ammount of investments: 2500.
- Maximum share of profit decrease in relation to the highest weekly closing price: -.
- After stop out trading is prohibited during the next --:-- hours.
4. Minimum ammount, which will stay after loosing: --.
5. maximum possible share of the deposit reduction in respect to the maximum current quotation,: -.
6. Manager's incentive fee from the investors' profits. The fee is charged respectively to the amount of the Clients’ investments:
from 0 to 1000 the fee is equivalent to 50 % of the Client’s net profit.
7. Minimum period within which investors have no right to demand their investments: -.
8. Investor password protection: yes.
9. Fund start date: 2011-06-06.
10. Fund life cycle: 90.
11. Automatic reinvest: all investments.
12. Rollover time by terminal: 00:00.
13. Delayed deposit/withdrawal with prior notification: no.
14. Instant Deposit/withdrawal: 24/7.

Note! This Managed account is intended for a closed community of investors only.

Внимание! Данный управляемый счёт предназначен для узкого круга инвесторов.