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    Я закрываю длинные позиции по Brent. Впереди на неделе у нас маячит ФРС, очень сложно на фоне этого прогнозировать рынок.
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    Пора оживлять ветку. Для меня нефть это индикатор. И в этом плане я ёё отслеживаю. Есть некоторая стабильность в росте. Будем надеяться на продолжение и замедление роста доллара.

    While upside moment is diminishing in crude oil, further rise is still in favor with 80.16 minor support index. Current rally from 69.50 could extend further to retest 83.95 high. Nevertheless, break of 80.16 will indicate that a short term top is already in place and deeper pull back should be seen to 38.2% retracement of 69.50 to 83.03 at 77.86 and below.[Written by Oil N' Gold]

    In the bigger picture, crude oil was supported above mentioned 68.59 key support and thus, there was no confirmation of medium term reversal. The strong rebound from 69.50 dampened our bearish view and argue that medium term rise from 33.2 might not be over yet. Nevertheless, as such rise from 33.2 is treated as a correction to whole decline from 147.27 only, even in case of another high above 83.95, we'd continue to expect strong resistance near to 50% retracement of 147.27 to 33.2 at 90.24 to bring reversal. On the downside, though, break of 69.50 support will now indicate that crude oil has topped out in medium term already and turn outlook bearish.

    "P&F O I L (brent) Box Size400X3 or(13.77%) CLOSE
    Data 147.53 - 26.7 ~ 79 Month ~ 2412 Day
    Database 1650 records 79.69 (Last Close)
    2003-08-04 00~00
    2010-03-12 00~00 (GMT+01:00) Paris
    MDunleavy chart"

    148.0|~4OO||______________________________________ __________|-0.32%|454.31%
    144.0|~8OO||______________________x_______________ __________|2.39%|439.33%
    140.0|~12OO|______________________x_o_____________ __________|5.1%|424.34%
    136.0|~16OO|______________________x_o_____________ __________|7.82%|409.36%
    132.0|~2OOO|__________________x___x_o_____________ __________|10.53%|394.38%
    128.0|~24OO|__________________x_o_x_o_____________ __________|13.24%|379.4%
    124.0|~28OO|__________________x_o_x_o_____________ __________|15.95%|364.42%
    120.0|~32OO|__________________x_o___o_____________ __________|18.66%|349.44%
    116.0|~36OO|__________________x_____o_____________ __________|21.37%|334.46%
    112.0|~4OOO|__________________x_____o_____________ __________|24.08%|319.48%
    108.0|~44OO|__________________x_____o_____________ __________|26.79%|304.49%
    104.0|~48OO|__________________x_____o_x___________ __________|29.51%|289.51%
    100.0|~52OO|__________________x_____o_x_o_________ __________|32.22%|274.53%
    96.00|~56OO|______________x___x_____o_x_o_________ __________|34.93%|259.55%
    92.00|~6OOO|______________x_o_x_____o_x_o_________ __________|37.64%|244.57%
    88.00|~64OO|______________x_o_x_____o___o_________ __________|40.35%|229.59%
    84.00|~68OO|______________x_o___________o_________ __________|43.06%|214.61%
    80.00|~72OO|______________x_____________o_________ ____x___x_|45.77%|199.63%
    76.00|~76OO|__________x___x_____________o_________ ____x_o_x_|48.49%|184.64%
    72.00|~8OOO|__________x_o_x_____________o_________ x___x_o_x_|51.2%|169.66%
    68.00|~84OO|__________x_o_x_____________o_________ x_o_x_o___|53.91%|154.68%
    64.00|~88OO|______x___x_o_x_____________o_________ x_o_x_____|56.62%|139.7%
    60.00|~92OO|______x_o_x_o_x_____________o_x_______ x_o_______|59.33%|124.72%
    56.00|~96OO|______x_o_x_o_x_____________o_x_o_____ x_________|62.04%|109.74%
    52.00|~1OOO|______x_o___o_x_____________o_x_o_x___ x_________|64.75%|94.76%
    48.00|~1O4O|__x___x_____o_______________o___o_x_o_ x_________|67.46%|79.78%
    44.00|~1O8O|__x_o_x_________________________o_x_o_ x_________|70.18%|64.79%
    40.00|~112O|__x_o_x_________________________o___o_ x_________|72.89%|49.81%
    36.00|~116O|__x_o_______________________________o_ __________|75.6%|34.83%
    32.00|~12OO|__x___________________________________ __________|78.31%|19.85%
    28.00|~124O|__x___________________________________ __________|81.02%|4.87%
    24.00|~128O|o_____________________________________ __________|83.73%|-10.11%
    Column||||||1_6_3_7_3_6_7_123_123_6_144_143_5_3_4_ 9_3_5_3_3_|

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    Предрекают разное, в том числе и закат роста нефти...как раз цена дошла практически до середины уровня предыдущего падения....

    Crude Oil Falls As Inventories Are Seen High And Plenty Of Supply
    Analysis - Commodity Market Commentaries
    Written by Finotec | Tue Apr 20 10 01:13 ET

    OPEC violating production quotas at the same time as demand from industrialized nations stagnates is spurring bets in the oil market that the 13-month rally in crude is coming to an end. It's a bubble and we don't know when it's going to go bust, but it's just a question of time,' said Eugen Weinberg, a senior analyst with Commerzbank AG in Frankfurt. 'So enjoy the party but stay close to the door.' U.S. demand will drop 9.4 percent to average 18.84 million barrels a day this year, from a record 20.8 million in 2005, the Energy Department said on April 6. The U.S. uses more than twice as much crude as China, the second-biggest consumer. India is fourth. Crude oil is trading at $83.40 as of 21:25pm, London-Time, with a bearish trend. Crude's Pool-Position is 33% Long, meaning that most Finotec clients are selling the commodity.

    "P&F O I L (brent) Box Size4X3 or(13.77%) CLOSE
    Data 147.53 - 26.7 ~ 80 Month ~ 2450 Day
    Database 1676 records 85.25 (Last Close)
    2003-08-04 00~00
    2010-04-19 00~00 (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group chart"

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    Цитата Сообщение от MDunleavy Посмотреть сообщение
    Предрекают разное, в том числе и закат роста нефти...
    Пока нефть установилась в диапазоне 80-90, говорить о закате рано.
    До 80 даже не дошла, выкупили (это о CL) - а Брент вообще аномально выше американки чуть ли не на три дол. - но это временно, и нивелируется.

    Теперь с нижней части диапазона - в верхнюю. И рано или поздно, 90 будет взято.
    Вот где-то так.
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    Полагаю, в среднесрочной перспективе падать ещё будет.
    Где-то в районе 68.60 цена коснётся поддержки канала Боллинджера и откорректирует.
    Если пойдёт вниз сразу, то отскочит от линейной поддержки (70.30).
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    Цитата Сообщение от FX_Master Посмотреть сообщение
    Пока нефть установилась в диапазоне 80-90, говорить о закате рано.
    До 80 даже не дошла, выкупили (это о CL) - а Брент вообще аномально выше американки чуть ли не на три дол. - но это временно, и нивелируется.

    Теперь с нижней части диапазона - в верхнюю. И рано или поздно, 90 будет взято.
    Вот где-то так.
    Что-то не пошла....выше 90....Хотя "высота была взята":smartass:

    Не Знаю, но больше склоняюсь к тому что будет снижаться дальше нефть...

    Continued to be a tug of war between bulls and bears, crude oil price initially fell below 70,
    extending Friday's weakness after disappointing US payrolls and worries over Hungary's fiscal
    condition, but then rebounded to as high as 72.49 after an encouraging employment trend survey
    released by the Conference Board and a speech from Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke. Yet, concerns over
    Eurozone have persisted and price retreated in late trade. The front-month WTI contract ended the
    day flat at 71.44. Corresponding Brent crude contract moved in a similar pattern but closed at
    73.59. Today in Asia, oil prices trade with upward bias, as Asian stocks recover after yesterday's

    "P&F O I L (brent) Box Size $4X2 or(9.1%) HI/LO
    Data 149.51 - 26.25 ~ 81 Month ~ 2492 Day
    Database 345 records 72.98 (Last Close)
    2003-08-04 00~00
    2010-05-31 00~00 (GMT+01:00) Paris
    BJF Trading Group MDunleavy chart"

    148.00|~4|__________________________________x_+___ __________________________________|1.01%|463.81%
    144.00|~8|__________________________________x_o_+_ __________________________________|3.69%|448.57%
    140.0|~12|__________________________________x_o___ +_________________________________|6.36%|433.33%
    136.0|~16|______________________________x___x_o___ __+_______________________________|9.04%|418.1%
    132.0|~2O|______________________________x_o_x_o___ ____+_____________________________|11.71%|402.86%
    128.0|~24|______________________________x_o_x_o___ ______+___________________________|14.39%|387.62%
    124.0|~28|______________________________x_o___o___ ________+_________________________|17.06%|372.38%
    120.0|~32|______________________________x_____o_x_ __________+_______________________|19.74%|357.14%
    116.0|~36|______________________________x_____o_x_ o___________+_____________________|22.41%|341.9%
    112.0|~4O|______________________________x_____o___ o_____________+___________________|25.09%|326.67%
    108.0|~44|__________________________x___x_________ o_______________+_________________|27.76%|311.43%
    104.0|~48|__________________________x_o_x_________ o_x_______________+_______________|30.44%|296.19%
    100.0|~52|__________________________x_o___________ o_x_o_______________+_____________|33.11%|280.95%
    96.00|~56|__________________x___x___x_____________ o_x_o_________________+___________|35.79%|265.71%
    92.00|~6O|__________________x_o_x_o_x___________+_ o___o___________________+_____+___|38.47%|250.48%
    88.00|~64|==================x=o===o===========+=== ====o=====================+===x=+=|41.14%|235.24%
    84.00|~68|__________________x_______________+_____ ____o_______________________+_x_o_|43.82%|220%
    80.00|~72|__________________x_____________+_______ ____o_____________________x___x_o_|46.49%|204.76%
    76.00|~76|______________x___x___________+_________ ____o_________________x___x_o_x_o_|49.17%|189.52%
    72.00|~8O|==============x=o=x=========+=========== ====o=============x===x=o=x=o=x=o=|51.84%|174.29%
    68.00|~84|__________x___x_o_x_______+_____________ ____o_____________x_o_x_o___o___+_|54.52%|159.05%
    64.00|~88|__________x_o_x_o_x_____+_______________ ____o_____________x_o_x_______+___|57.19%|143.81%
    60.00|~92|__________x_o_x_o_x___+_________________ ____o_x___________x_o_______+_____|59.87%|128.57%
    56.00|~96|______x___x_o___o_x_+___________________ ____o_x_o_x___x___x_______+_______|62.54%|113.33%
    52.0|~1OO|______x_o_x___+_o_+_____________________ ____o___o_x_o_x_o_x_____+_________|65.22%|98.1%
    48.0|~1O4|__x___x_o___+___+_______________________ ________o___o_x_o_x___+___________|67.9%|82.86%
    44.0|~1O8|__x_o_x___+_____________________________ ____________o___o_x_+_____________|70.57%|67.62%
    40.0|~112|__x_o___+_______________________________ ________________o_+_______________|73.25%|52.38%
    36.0|~116|__x___+_________________________________ ________________+_________________|75.92%|37.14%
    32.0|~12O|o_x_+___________________________________ __________________________________|78.6%|21.9%
    28.0|~124|o_+_____________________________________ __________________________________|81.27%|6.67%
    24.0|~128|+_______________________________________ __________________________________|83.95%|-8.57%
    Column||||2_5_2_4_2_5_3_5_6_1_2_2_2_5_2_9_3_6_9_2_ 7_3_1_2_3_2_3_3_4_8_3_4_2_3_3_5_4_|
    Count|||||__________________1_____________________ ____3_____________________________|

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    Возможно коррекционный рост нефти ещё не закончен. Предполагаю тестирование недавних максимумов.

    Crude oil edged further higher to 82.97 last week but retreat sharply since then. A temporary top is at least formed and initial bias is neutral this week. We’d continue to seem more retreat below 82.97 first. Nevertheless, note that another rise remains in favor as long as 75.90 support holds. Above 82.97 will target 100% projection of 64.23 to 79.38 from 71.09 at 86.24 next. However, break of 75.9 will be the first signal that whole rebound from 64.23 is finished and will turn focus to 71.09 support for confirmation.The text is written by Oilngold.

    "P&F O I L (brent) Box Size $1X3 or(3.71%) CLOSE
    Data 91.94 - 69.75 ~ 4 Month ~ 114.67 Day
    Database 2000 records 80.33 (Last Close)
    2010-04-14 05~00
    2010-08-06 21~00 (GMT+01:00) Paris
    MDunleavy chart"

    92.00|~1OO||__+___________________________________ ________|-0.07%|31.9%
    91.00|~2OO||__x_+_________________________________ ________|1.02%|30.47%
    90.00|~3OO||__x_o_+_______________________________ ________|2.11%|29.03%
    89.00|~4OO||__x_o___+_____________________________ ________|3.2%|27.6%
    88.00|~5OO||o_x_o_____+___________________________ ________|4.29%|26.16%
    87.00|~6OO||o_x_o_______+_________________________ ________|5.37%|24.73%
    86.00|~7OO||o_x_o_________+_______________________ ________|6.46%|23.3%
    85.00|~8OO||o___o___________+_____________________ ________|7.55%|21.86%
    84.00|~9OO||____o_x___________+___________________ ________|8.64%|20.43%
    83.00|~1OOO|____o_x_o___________+_________________ ____+___|9.72%|19%
    82.00|~11OO|____o_x_o_____________+_______________ ____x_+_|10.81%|17.56%
    81.00|~12OO|____o_x_o_______________+_____________ ____x_o_|11.9%|16.13%
    80.00|~13OO|____o___o_________________x___________ ____x_o_|12.99%|14.7%
    79.00|~14OO|________o_________________x_o_x_______ ____x_o_|14.07%|13.26%
    78.00|~15OO|________o_________________x_o_x_o_____ x___x___|15.16%|11.83%
    77.00|~16OO|________o_____________x___x_o_x_o_x___ x_o_x___|16.25%|10.39%
    76.00|~17OO|________o_____x___x___x_o_x_o___o_x_o_ x_o_x_+_|17.34%|8.96%
    75.00|~18OO|________o_____x_o_x_o_x_o_x_____o_x_o_ x_o_+___|18.43%|7.53%
    74.00|~19OO|________o_x___x_o_x_o_x_o_x_____o_x_o_ __+_____|19.51%|6.09%
    73.00|~2OOO|________o_x_o_x_o___o_+_o_x_____o_x___ +_______|20.6%|4.66%
    72.00|~21OO|________o_x_o_x_____+___o_______o_x_+_ ________|21.69%|3.23%
    71.00|~22OO|________o___o_x___+_____________o_+___ ________|22.78%|1.79%
    70.00|~23OO|____________o_x_+_______________+_____ ________|23.86%|0.36%
    69.00|~24OO|____________o_+_______________________ ________|24.95%|-1.08%
    ||||||~25OO|____________+_________________________ ________|100%|-100%
    Column||||||4_6_1_4_1_3_5_7_3_3_3_4_5_8_4_3_8_6_3_ 4_3_7_3_|
    Count|||||||____1___3_____________________________ ________|

    Excel Chart. Full size attached.
    Вложения Вложения
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    2 Медалей
    Слышал заявление Кудрина, о том, что нефть будет дешеветь к концу года! Кто какой информацией обладает???
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    В начале пути

    3 Медалей
    Кудрин много чего говорит и все это не сбывается, хотя если он говорит негатив, то вполне возможно, что это правда :)
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    Цитата Сообщение от DEXTER Посмотреть сообщение
    Кудрин много чего говорит и все это не сбывается, хотя если он говорит негатив, то вполне возможно, что это правда :)

    Как по вашему:
    - цена на нефть бьётся о дно или
    - это всего лишь замедление нисходящего тренда???

    Какая зависимость нефти и золота относительно друг друга, и есть ли она вообще?


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