Requirements to web-sites of IB

It is prohibited:

1. To use Broco name in the domain name partly or fully as well as using Broco name in title of IB;
2.Replicate the structure of Broco company's web-site;
3.Use color scheme of the web-site and elements of design which have confusing similarity with colors of Broco;
4.Give Broco logo as your direct logo;
5.Copy the information from company's web-site;
6.Create 1-page site placing IB links to the web-site of Broco;
7.Use propagandist slogans such as “Stock games are easy”
8.Use the words which cannot be proved by documents - “the best, the very best” etc.;
9.use the wording “we” as related to 'Broco”

We recommend you to:

1.Develop your own design of the web-site and its structure;
2.Compile and publish description of our services in the way you think it will be the most suitable for your Clients;
3.Place banners, informers (i.e. codes enabling to duplicate useful services of the company) Please monitor the information on your web-site – it is supposed to be regularly updated;
4.Place the form for opening account (I-frame or IB link) Registration procedure is to be completed through the personal area of Broco Client;
5.Place the logo of introducing broker of the company;
6.Publish latest news of the company;
7.Make your web-site “live” and fascinating for your Clients;

It is necessary to:

1.Use correct name of the company – Broco Group or Broco;
2.Use authentic information regarding history, structure, service and other aspects of the company;
3.Explain and present the procedure of opening account in a lucid way;
Requirements set for advertising materials;
It is necessary to:

1.Comply with the law of the country where you launch your campaign;
2.Agree with Broco all materials prior to launching the campaign;
It is prohibited:
1.Publishing advertising, PR or other materials on behalf of the company (Broco/ Broco Group); outgoing information must be taken as the information coming from IB or regional representative;
2.Using incorrect advertising data and incorrect advertising methods:
Job web-sites (i.e., searching for traders) as well as irrelevant web-sites such as pornographic etc. web-sites;
delivering spam messages; (electronic or common post)
pop-up windows;
mechanisms of active promotion;
any other methods of unfair advertising;
3.Links to web-sites of Broco using contextual advertisin: Google Adwords, These links should lead to IB web-site